Athens to Milos


“The island of colors..!”

Milos is a beautiful island in the Cyclades, well-known for its dentelated coastline and striking natural beauty! With more than 75 small and big beaches of crystal, deep blue waters, multi-colored carved rocks and white-yellow coasts, it is certain that you will be impressed. The volcanic activity in ancient years has endowed Milos island with an exciting variety of gorgeous landscapes, an impressive coastal morphology and diversity. There are white-yellow beaches, bays with pebbles surrounded by stones, and white, red, yellow or black rocks. The sea around the island has unique colors and depths and you can choose among organized beaches for swimming or more isolated and wild ones. It is certain that the island’s clear waters and its beaches of incomparable beauty will offer you an unprecedented experience.

Milos island is also famous because of the statue of Venus of Milo (Aphrodite), a fine piece of Greek Ancient Art, that was discovered on the island and it is nowadays hosted in the Louvre Museum, Paris.

You can reach Milos using the regular commercial flights from Athens international airport. Availability is scarce, however, because of the limited number of seats. Instead, take advantage of Greek Air Taxi Network’s fleet and choose a private airplane or helicopter to fly from Athens to Milos. If you are traveling in a group, our twin piston engine airplane Piper Chieftain (6-8 seats) is your best option, whether our single engine piston airplanes (3 seats) are ideal if you are traveling solo or as a couple. A flight from Athens to Milos lasts approx. 30 – 40 minutes, depending on the aircraft type. If you are a helicopter aficionado, then our entire fleet of helicopters positioned in Athens international airport is at your disposal for any travel requirements you may have.

Being in the Cyclades islands, you can also fly from Santorini to Milos or from Mykonos or Crete to Milos island in about half an hour.

For indicative prices and online availability, click here and check which helicopters and airplanes are available. Otherwise, our wonderful travel advisors will happy to assist you with your helicopter request. Simply contact us with your travel requirements and we’ll take care of the rest!

Empty legs

Since we operate multiple private charter flights during the summer season, there are numerous empty legs you can use and take advantage of our highly competitive prices! Visit regularly our empty legs page and stay tuned with our private flight offers.