An empty leg (sometimes called one-ways), by definition, is a ferry flight. When the operator needs to move the aircraft from point A to B without having passengers on board. Since this ferry still costs money, a chance of selling it to a needing client helps the operator to cover some of its costs. Sometimes, the operator has some flexibility in date and pickup/drop-off location but in some cases, you can expect a discounted price. The empty leg’s true advantage is by paying for a charter flight as only a one-way flight and not having to pay for the aircraft’s return to base. It can be worthwhile only if you are looking for a one-way flight (or double rotation with long waiting time in between).

On the other hand, booking an empty leg puts the client in a position of second priority. Any change in the original booking may affect the performance of the empty leg, up to a point of complete cancellation. GATN played an instrumental role to promote this idea in the Greek market and participating operators recognize that the customer has paid for the empty leg and if we manage to sell it it is at his benefit. Going even further we sell seats available on the empty legs to make it more attractive for passengers. Utilizing our brand new customized CRM we automatically distribute availability of empty legs to potential buyers and specialized websites worldwide.

We give you the opportunity to filter you specific requirements – location and date range to find the most suitable Empty legs available for your trip.

Also, on the request board you can add desired number of seats.

*Note that some operators require minimum number of passengers to perform an Empty leg flight.

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