Is your flight legal?

When you charter an aircraft from an operator, you better make sure that the AOC (Air Operator Certificate) is valid and the operating license is good for the area the flight takes place. 

In the back of the AOC document, the fleet is listed and the registration number of the aircraft you are flying with should be listed too. 

The operating license is another issue. With Greece positioned in the outskirts of EU, there are airplanes from neighboring countries licensed to fly in and out of EU, but cannot continue intra EU flights. 

Obviously, it does not mean that you have to know every single detail of the air charter business and that is why we strongly recommend you to use the services of a specialized charter broker or your travel agency. 

It’s strongly recommended that you carefully think all the consequences when, as a fare paying passenger, you are on board on an airplane or aircraft that belongs to a friend or a friend of a friend…

Excuses such as…”I put my family on board this plane”, ”I personally oversaw the maintenance” etc etc… have really NO VALUE. The flight may be safe, the maintenance may be perfect, simply you are not covered by any insurance on this flight. 

You better make sure your flight is legal!!!